Change Fatigue (Lockdown Fatigue) and How to Revive Yourself

Have you been feeling TIRED a lot of the time? I have!

The last couple of weeks I have been struggling to make progress with things that are important to me e.g. my fitness; which is usually an area that I find really easy to keep on top of, no matter how busy I am. Arrr I hate it when that happens. I have been feeling a bit demotivated and slobby.

I asked around yesterday and did some research. Nearly every single person I spoke to or messaged, said they felt TIRED. So as I do, I investigated, and then spent some time yesterday on a technique to help me feel better…. here’s what I came up with!

Change Fatigue or ‘Lockdown Fatigue’

This tiredness we are all experiencing is a very real thing called CHANGE FATIGUE. I’m changing the name to Lockdown Fatigue!! Change fatigue is often talked about in organisations and businesses where leaders are putting changes in place, that many employees or stakeholders may be resistant to.

Change fatigue (lockdown fatigue) happens when you reach a point where you have experienced too much change; or where you are exhausted or demotivated by too much or prolonged disruption and upheaval. Err hello 2020.

Change fatigue happens when Leaders don’t manage the change effectively. Ahhhh, Boris take note. It happens when they don’t communicate well or openly, they expect too much from employees, without clearly demonstrating the data resulting from people’s efforts to prove the changes are working, and employees question whether the value of the changes and whether they are worth the hassle or risk.

The problem with change fatigue is that it can really slow down, or in some cases completely stop progress. Trying harder in some cases can make you MORE tired. Sound familiar???? So what do you do? Sitting and doing nothing feels like you go deeper in to less energy and more depression, so we need to action in some way.

When the body is struggling, I often find the minds needs a shift first.

So if you’re constantly knackered, demotivated and rather lack lustre, please know it’s NOT JUST YOU. 😴

The Key to Building Resilience – Hardicoping

I tried a technique called HARDICOPING which I have used in the past during times of uncertainty or stress, which:-

  • Increases your ability to gain some perspective, by opening up new ways of thinking about a problem or crisis
  • Helps you to be more flexible, imaginative and innovative in your thinking.
  • Helps you to evaluate consequences in a way where you feel more in control by realising that you can control your focus, which control your thoughts which control your feelings, which then control your actions, which then further create consequences.

3 Pillars of Hardicoping

1. Challenge – When faced with a challenge look for opportunities to grow from it.
2. Control – There is only one way to ‘fix’ stressful situations in which you have little or no control over. That is how you choose to react to them.
3. Focus – what you focus on, you plug energy in to. Focus on the scary stories, your social media feed, and how you have no control over this, you will get tired and fearful. Focus on your health or learning a new skill, you will feel epic.

The Hardicoping Technique

Grab yourself a notepad. Try not to think too much. Just start writing.

What about this situation is stressful and who is involved?

In which way could your problems be worse?

E.g. Could be homeless or not have any access to the outdoors at all, I could be sick or have nobody in my life who cares about me.

In which ways could the situation be better?

E.g. I could have a more organised house, better behaved kids, a healthier body and more regular communication with those I care about outside of our home.

What has to change within the situation, or in YOU, in order to bring the better situation in to life?

Relate your answer tightly to things you CAN focus on.

I can’t control the situation or what other people do, but I can control where I put my focus, which will affect what I’m thinking about, which will influence how I feel and therefore create different behavior.

I can focus more on myself and what I can do, rather than judging others for what they are not doing or doing ‘wrong’.

What specifically can you do to make this happen?

E.g. I can limit my time on social media and watching the news to 1 hour per day.  Phones get put away unless to contact other people directly through messaging. I can go for a walk when I’m feeling tired or overwhelmed, instead of eating or looking at my phone.

Based on what you have written, where is your anxiety or stress coming from?

E.g. My stress is coming from focusing on all the things I can’t control and feeling overwhelmed by the gravity of the situation and how it could impact those I love.  If I change my focus to the things I can control as often as possible, I can contribute to wider society, connect more deeply with people and find more opportunities to create security for myself and my family, and fun and variety throughout the day via my creativity. 

Is there therefore, a resolution in sight? If so, what is the answer?

I hope this has helped a little today? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below, or DM me. After doing this exercise yesterday, I have found a new lease of life. I was still a little tired this morning, but I made an ENERGY PLAYLIST, lifted some weights to make me feel STRONG and I’m getting my focus back again.

Let me know how you get on.


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