30 Day Fat Loss Program

Perhaps right now you’re not happy with your body, or your appearance, or perhaps even both.  You feel completely stuck in a rut and you want OUT!

Let’s get real.  You’ve been here before haven’t you. You’ve lost weight, regained it, lost it again perhaps.

You have one good week on the diet and then celebrate at the weekend with a bottle of wine and a pizza.

You’ve tried everything…

  • Weight watchers
  • Slimmers World
  • Online Programs
  • Shakes
  • Every diet you can imagine – Atkins, Fasting, Soup…

Yet here you are again….

Your Diet

You constantly have the same battles week in / week out with food.  You know what you need to do (eat better, move more) but you find yourself falling off the wagon permanently.

The diets you’ve tried in the past feel too hard!  You’re constantly wishing the week away until you can have ‘that’ treat, because the diet is so restrictive and feels like torture

You’re cooking for a family and that means endless temptations, picking at leftovers and a serious lack of time (and motivation) preparing food that many times a day!  You can’t wait to finish this stupid diet so you can celebrate with a piece of chocolate or a Chinese takeaway on Saturday.

Alternatively you stick to your diet like glue and follow ‘the rules’ to the letter.  However, nothing is happening.  It did at first and you lost those first pounds quickly, but now you’re stuck in a rut and your body refuses to let go of any more weight.  Now you’re stuck and don’t know what to try!


You’re tired, drained and lacking in any kind of energy or motivation, but at the same time, you desperately want to change.

You somehow muster the energy to commit to doing a workout when the baby has a nap… except today she won’t nap.  The next day you rise early before the kids wake up to do a workout….except they wake up too!  You plan to go for a run or to the gym after they go to bed, but your partner has to work late.

Or you’re so busy and focussed on your career that your fitness and health have been dramatically compromised.  Entertaining clients, late nights at the office (followed by quick microwave meals or takeaways after work) and the weekly treats in the office kitchen from yet another colleague’s birthday have meant your work trousers are growing ever more snug by the minute.

You feel stumped at every turn despite your best intentions. By Wednesday, you’ve completely given up.  How will you ever master your body and life with all these challenges to contend with?

Your Health & Hormones

You have struggling with energy levels for a while now.  Your moods are a erratic. You feel permanently drained.  Sleep is a huge issue – and not just because you have kids.  You seem unable to get the good quality sleep you used to have.

Your moods are up and down, your emotional and often feel a little out of control.  Sex feels like an effort. Your skin looks grey and tired.

Whilst this program is not a ‘fix it’ solution for any health issues you may have, and we always advise visiting your doctor if you are feeling terrible, but we are going to focus on eating for optimal health as well as weight loss, and trying to restore some balance to your life.

You Want Change

You’ve now realised that you don’t want to, or can’t do this alone.

You want help from someone who will get you better, quicker and more permanent results that you can get by yourself.  Someone who’s done it themselves and has the formula for success.

Ready for change?  Ready to do whatever it takes?  I only work with women who really MEAN IT.  Who are hungry for it.

I’ll call you out on your excuses (but help you work through them)

I’ll make you push yourself in ways you’ve never imagined (but you’ll feel EPIC afterwards)

I’ll get you those results (if you commit to what I ask you to do)

If you’re already thinking ‘arrrgghhh no way!’, then this program isn’t for you.

But if you’re a woman who wants more from herself, then I’m going to help you unleash your power.

It’s Time for a New Approach.

I don’t pussy foot around and let you do things at your own pace like an online program or class you can attend if and when you feel like it.  You’ve tried that with other programs before that don’t hold you accountable, and you’re still in the same crappy place. If you drop off the radar or don’t complete your modules, you have to start again or make room for someone who WILL put in the work.

Sounds harsh right? I do this because it unleashes a force that you really need right now…. motivation. And most people are motivated by trying to avoid pain (losing your money or opportunity to someone else) and gain pleasure (life-changing results).

I don’t offer one-off coaching sessions for an hour here and there.  Why? Because  I’m only interested in RESULTS and helping you to make changes fast, but changes that LAST.  A one-off 1 hour coaching session ain’t going to change your life. We’re talking about changing some pretty serious habits so it’s going to take some commitment and time.

Ready to Work with Me?

  • Achieve Fat Loss and boost your health to re-balance and recharge your life.
  • Experience changes to your figure, your energy levels, confidence, will power; and start to see everything fall in to place! Finally!
  • Feel your mindset shift and feel more in control of your life than ever before
  • Transform your relationships with those around you for the better
  • End yo-yo dieting, and get in the Driver’s Seat of your life.
  • Look incredible and feel super confident at your incredible achievements
  • Start living the wonderful life you’ve got, rather than wasting time thinking about the life ‘could’ have.
  • Enjoy reaping those compliments week after week as those around you watch you transform your life, and wonder how on earth you did it so quickly!

Commit for 90 Days and See….

CHANGES.  Big ones.  In your mind, body and style.  Hold on to your hat…..here’s what you get…..

Step 1: Initial Phone Consultation – No Commitment (allow up to 30 mins)

We will go over your current situation.  What’s draining you, what barriers are in the way of your results and what challenges are you facing.  We’ll discuss the ways in which I can assist you and I often adapt the program to suit the individual depending on their goals and their specific situations.

At this point I will determine if you are a good fit for the program.  I only work with a limited number of clients on every program to ensure that I can put everything I have in to each and every person.

Step 2: The Life Questionnaire

When you sign up it is essential that you take some time to reflect on where you are now and how you got here.

As part of the process, I insist that every new member takes the time to sit down and complete a series of questionnaires. You should set aside a couple of hours to do this.

The information I get from this will be essential in keeping you accountable and motivating you as the weeks progress.

You’ll also receive your essential Reading List for the program.

Step 3:  Blast Off Session

These are 2 hours ALL ABOUT YOU.  JUST YOU.  It’s time that a woman rarely gives herself – it feels like too much of a luxury but it is absolutely essential as a first step as it’s showing yourself that YOU ARE WORTH TAKING THIS TIME OVER.

This is a lot to ask, but it’s exactly why I’m asking it of you.  It’s time to try something different that you haven’t tried before.  This step alone will make you feel happier.  You are worth taking a holiday off work / organising childcare and doing whatever it takes to give this time to yourself.  Doing this will be a sign to yourself that you have had enough and are willing to change NOW.

During this session we’ll:-

  • Take weight, measurements, and photos and establish our ‘starting point’ if weight loss is on your list of goals
  • Explore why you are feeling so lost, how to move forward and put a MASSIVE PRACTICAL plan of action together for you to follow for the next 12 weeks.  Starting that day!
  • We’ll end on a 30 minute PT session together, so have your trainers handy!
  • It will be a busy couple of hours BUT you will feel like you have accomplished a LOT and be clearer on how we will move forward.

Step 3: We begin…

Over 90 days you will then be guided through 3 key phases: –

Phase 1 = Building Energy and Adopting New Habits by Harnessing Your Motivation and Decision to Change (30 days)

Phase 2 = Identifying Blocks & Limitations, Maintaining Energy and Building Will Power (30 days)

Phase 3 = Breaking Through Barriers, Refining Results, and Creating Lasting Change (30 days)

We Will Do This Through:

  • Weekly Small Group Personal Training Sessions.
  • Weekly questionnaire
  • Weekly completion of life coaching exercises
  • Weekly food diary review
  • Monthly 121 Results Coaching Session
  • Monthly Weigh In & Measurements

The Results

In just 90 days you’ll start to see massive transformations in not only your body, but pretty much every area of your life – your body, your health, your happiness, relationships, will power, mental strength, energy, passion….

People will notice the change in you – not just physically.  You’ve lost weight and it’s noticeable but the change is so much MORE than that.  You seem in control.  Strong.  Empowered.  Happy.

What starts as a massive blast off for your life in just 90 days, carries forward in your life and works its’ magic moving forward all year long.

This is going to be your best year yet.  The start of something new.  And it all starts here.

Rediscover.  Redefine.  Reinvent. YOU.

Believe in You.  Invest in You

How much has it cost you to keep trying all these workouts and diets that haven’t worked?  The books, DVDs, kitchen equipment, products.

Or how about your wardrobe.  How many expensive mistakes are lying in there?  How much money have you wasted on clothes that make you feel just ‘ok’ or ‘fine’.

How much value do you place on your future happiness, your confidence, health and self-esteem?

You can be THAT WOMAN that YOU KNOW is inside you.  It’s time to unleash her.

How Much Does it Cost?

The Body Confidence Project is £591 to start making those changes in your life. That’s £197 per month.

I realise completely that this is a big investment in yourself.  Maybe even one of the largest you’ve ever made in yourself.  However count up all those wasted, unworn clothes hanging in your wardrobe;  the gym membership you’ve never used; all those expensive weight loss products and gadgets over the years that haven’t worked….. Maybe this is the safest bet you’ve ever made.

Money Back Guarantee

To make it even safer, I offer a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if by the end of Week 1 if you feel this is not right for you, or experience no mental or physical changes, you can have every single penny back.  No questions asked.

Places are Limited

I have only 10 places on each course.

All workouts take place in my studio in Rainhill either:

  • 6.15am – Monday and Thursday
  • 9.30am- Monday and Thursday
  • 6.00pm – Monday and Thursday

So if you’ve decided to invest in making 2020 the best year of your life and want to start to gain momentum right now to organise a FREE consultation or message me on Facebook.

The next intake for Path to Weight Loss Program will be starting in January 2020.  To get on the waiting list now email me info@be-life-coaching.com