Success Mindset: Get Clarity and Have a Plan

Wonder why you keep making the same frustrating decisions again and again?

Wonder why you have the same goal on your list every single year but never achieve them?

What’s the difference between you and that person you know who always seems to land on their feet?  A success mindset is what stands in the way of you and your dream.

Want to get to the real reasons you feel dissatisfied and flat?  They’re coming from a deep, subconscious place within you and until you bring them up towards your consciousness it will be impossible to create lasting change.

I’ll help you to dig deep in to your sub-conscious mind (don’t worry I won’t be hypnotising anyone!) and ask the right questions to yourself in order to discover why you aren’t making progress.

We’ll work out WHAT it is you want to achieve and HOW you’re going to get there.  We’ll break it down together and you’ll leave feeling like you know EXACTLY what you’re going to do.

Making the Change

Sometimes, you just can’t and shouldn’t do it alone.  Over the course of 3 years (with help from many incredible experts in their fields), I started to slot together pieces of the puzzle and: –

  • Lost over 40lb, got toned, fitter and felt energised again
  • Took over my husband’s business as Managing Director and have led the company to a 94% increase in turonover and increased gross profit.
  • Felt comfortable to be my authentic self and put myself out there as The Confident Mum Project.  It’s nothing like what anyone else does, and I don’t know the job title for what I do – so I simply created my own job doing what I love!
  • Went from feeling isolated, bored and lonely and made a bunch of new friends in different groups who totally ‘get me’
  • Helped our daughter (then aged 2) with Autism and significant communication, social and learning delays to being on track to starting a mainstream school at statutory school age.  Super duper proud of this and of her!
  • Started on a new career path that felt, for once, utterly right and filled me with passion and excitement
  • Found a way to earn money, balanced perfectly with family time
  • Rebuilt my wardrobe to look and feel more stylish and together
  • Created healthy, positive and productive habits that breed daily success
  • Dramatically improved my relationship with my husband, kids, family and friends
  • Changed my mindset and got really happy
  • Stopped worrying about being perfect or trying to ‘fit in’ doing a particular ‘job’, and started living my passion.

Unleash Your Female Boss

Through all the stress and dark days, I knew there were the versions of me that I knew were within me.

Every single woman and mother can do it too.  You can do it.  You know she’s in there. Is she ready to come out and show you what she’s got??

  • There’s a strategy for losing weight, toning up and getting much fitter in weeks (not years!)
  • There’s a strategy for building your perfect career and business
  • There’s a strategy for changing your mindset and getting results
  • There’s a strategy for building the perfect wardrobe for your life that makes you feel incredible (whilst being practical)
  • There are strategies for achieving every single thing you want, and starting on your journey to get it right now.

And my purpose is to share them with you to help you make massive changes towards a more fulfilling life with the Magic Life Makeover Month

Here’s to your #BestYearYet