As a Personal Stylist and Shopper, I’ve styled hundreds of women from all over the country … the one thing I’ve learned is that most women at some point in their life, face a personal style crisis!  I include myself in this statement after getting pregnant with our first child.  It took 3 years to get back my own sense of style again.

The Style Problem

Women can feel totally lost, disappointed, frustrated with their wardrobes.  They go shopping, hoping to find inspiration, but either feel overwhelmed by sheer volume and choice.  Sometimes the opposite – they feel totally uninspired by what’s available feeling like nothing is suitable for them anymore.

Other women feel totally stuck in a personal style rut, unable to escape ‘jeans/trousers and a top’ every day.  They know deep down there’s a more glamorous, effortless and stylish woman waiting to emerge.  I simply help them to rediscover and unleash her!

Out of the hundreds of women I’ve worked with I’ve discovered that feeling lost with your wardrobe and style usually comes as a result of CHANGES in…

  • LIFE circumstances (new job, new role or status in life or having very little time to focus on YOU)
  • BODY (gained / lost weight or health issues, pregnancy, motherhood)
  • MIND (stresses or challenges in life that knock your confidence e.g. divorce, a trauma)

It even happened to me personally after having 2 kids!  I simply didn’t recognise my own body any more and was reluctant to start dressing the one I had because I was unhappy with it!  Not only that, but I didn’t have the time or mental bandwidth to handle a confrontation with my wardrobe.

However I pulled myself out of the pit and used my skills and experience to get my personal style sorted again.  I made the most out of what I had (body and wardrobe) and then made a plan working towards my vision for how I wanted to look moving forward.  I also took in to the account that my life was now COMPLETELY different in terms of how I needed clothes to function!  They needed to be washable, practical AND stylish.  Luckily I had spent years doing this for other mums so I was in a good place to help myself.

The Solution

Most women totally have the know-how to get their style mojo back.  My role is a usually one-off service.  It serves simply to get them back in the driving seat of their style!  Feeling confident, inspired and knowledgable about what to wear again.

I offer a holistic service, that takes EVERYTHING in to account when we approach your personal style and wardrobe.  Taking in to account your mindset and how you want to feel, I’ll look at your body shape, your existing clothing, complexion and colouring, your likes (and dislikes!)

Check out the Wardrobe Detox to tackle this particular issue, head on.