What have people said about working with me…

Nicola Stout, Poynton following a Wardrobe Consultation

I can’t recommend Nicola enough…I wish I’d found her earlier!

I’ve wasted so much money buying too much of the same thing that doesn’t really suit me and I’ve become boring and wearing a ‘uniform’ rather than having a range of options that show my style.  Nic ‘got’ me, my wardrobe dilemma and style so quickly. 

I began to understand why I wasn’t wearing certain things and was happy to recycle them, which meant I understood where the gaps were in my wardrobe. I can’t wait to go shopping with her to rectify this!

I love the fact that there’s no pressure to buy loads of things, and how she can see how some items in my wardrobe could be used in a way I wouldn’t have even thought….genius….

Let her do the same for you is my advice!

Emma Caulfield, Manchester following a Wardrobe Consultation

I actually noticed Nicola’s wardrobe skills on Facebook when a friend posted pictures of herself.  I couldn’t work out what had changed but I noticed that this already beautiful and stylish friend looked even better.  I asked her and she recommended Nic, I HAD to have this kind of help; I was turning 50 and battling to find clothes I felt nice in on my new middle-aged spread tummy.

I loved every single minute of Nic’s visit.  Following a conversation about my wardrobe concerns and what I wanted to achieve by the end of the consultation we headed into my bedroom to look at the contents of my wardrobes.  We sorted and discussed and laughed at the hoarding of items that needed binning years ago.  Nic then focused on my favourite items and how I could make them work better.  By the end of the visit I had a really clear picture of how I could put my clothes together better and some items that I could buy, I also had an infinitely cleaner and tidier wardrobe!

As well as all of this, Nic’s visit has made a huge difference to how I feel about myself.  Every person deserves a wardrobe consultation from Nic.

Sarah Perris, Nantwich

Nicola is an absolute pleasure to work with. She is very professional, while personable and really knows how to help people to improve their appearance and really make the best of their attributes as well as their wardrobes! I would not hesitate in recommending Nicola – the very best I have come across!

Holly Moore from Wilmslow 

I’ve used Nicola for a few years and recently had a wardrobe consultation. I felt I’d lost my way a bit again. I felt like I had loads to wear for work but not for outside of work whereas in the past I had always asked Nicola to focus on my work wardrobe.

Nicola came to the house and asked me how did I want to feel outside of work, and I said ‘more glamourous’. When we went through my wardrobe Nicola quickly identified that I was buying a lot of clothes but ‘making do’. For instance I had seen a lovely pair of jeans I wanted, but rather than investing in them I bought 3 pairs of cheap jeans that I didn’t even like. As we went through my wardrobe I literally had hundreds if pounds worth of clothes that I wasn’t excited by because I was ‘making do’ as Nicola put it. She explained I could invested half the amount, and got some key capsule pieces that I LOVED and when we did the maths, I totally agreed. When we analysed everything I felt bad about how much money had wasted but Nicola made me feel positive again by giving me an action plan to move forward with better results.

Nicola combined a list if the essential things I needed with suggestions of where to get them.  Some things I wouldn’t have thought of.  The list was simple but I just hadn’t realised.  Nicola really understands where you’re coming from and finds a solution that not only makes you look good but feel so much more positive about your shopping behaviour!

A wardrobe with Nicola is literally a money saving exercise! Don’t buy those 4 random tops book a wardrobe consultation! It will seriously improve your fashion health!!


Janice Mills, Cheshire

Having already attended and thoroughly enjoyed one of Nicola’s talks on ‘How to style yourself confident’, I had no hesitation in inviting her to be guest speaker at the South Cheshire Cherchez networking meeting this month. Nicola was an absolute hit; her very personable approach had our members engaged from the start and she shared some really useful tips on how to think about our clothes, whether those already in our wardrobes or when buying new ones. I should have no hesitation in recommending Nicola as a guest speaker for women’s groups.

Paula Iddon, Manchester

Nicola provides a great service. She is very personable, assesses the client’s needs and advises accordingly. I have benefited from her insights and would recommend Nicola’s services highly.

Rachel Stow, CEO at TS Group Ltd

Nicola was a pleasure to work with, honest but supportive.

Amanda Barlow, Manchester PA Network

“‘I have worked with Nicola on a few occasions now, most recently Nicola presented at a fashion event for the manchester PA network.  We have only used guest speakers twice at our events as we are always wary of whether they will be of interest to our members I have to say I am so pleased we decided to invite Nicola to present to our guests.

Her presentation was great informal yet informative and it certainly got the ladies talking and interested in their own personal brand and I have heard a fair few of our members saying they have cleared out their wardrobes.

As I type this I am wearing a pair of trousers I wouldn’t dream of wearing…bright pink Zara trousers I was sure to think about how many items of my wardrobe I could wear with them before deciding to be brave and re-vamp my boring black dress wardrobe.

Every time we have worked with Nicola it has been an absolute pleasure”

Hannah Gough, PA at Mercer, Manchester – following a talk for the Manchester PA Network’s Spring Event

Just wanted to say that I was so inspired by Nicola that I had a full-scale deconstruct of my wardrobe at the weekend and have cleared out a whole bin liner full of clothes (not to mention shoes/handbags too) to go to charity, as well as some that just went straight in the bin! I also have a smaller pile of clothes that I can sell on Ebay, and will then use any resulting funds to have a little shopping trip  – based on Nicola’s guidelines of course!

Kay from Cumbria, with friend booked a Personal Shopping Trip

“What started as a shopping trip to buy a wedding outfit soon turned into something much, much more exciting.

I contacted Nicola to see if as a one off she would take myself and my friend out shopping for an outfit for a wedding. Nicola was so helpful, in fitting into our needs and soon a date was set.

The experience is pretty hard to describe, in order to do it justice…it was like a fun girly shopping trip, shopping with really honest friends.

Nicola made us instantly relax, we tried clothes on that we would never have picked for ourselves and ended up with two fantastic outfits that will certainly make us stand out.

We talked make up and statement pieces and what we needed to make the outfits just right. More importantly we came out with beautiful outfits, that are comfortable to wear and make us both feel absolutely FAB U LOUS!!!

We can’t thank Nicola enough.

We have told all our friends, it’s an experience not to be missed, so much so it’s on my Christmas list to do another shopping day. After all I have been very good this year.’

Kay from Cumbria booked a Wardrobe Consultation

“I kept looking at my ‘over stuffed’ wardrobes wondering what clothes to throw out, would I slim into them, would they come in handy one day. To be honest the task was daunting, I just hung on to my clothes but wore the same thing day in and day out. Then along came Nicola and a wardrobe consultation.

Who would have though having a real good clear out could have felt so good. Nicola gave great advice on styling the clothes I had, fabric, sizes and styles to suit my shape.

Nicola made me feel at ease straight away, she was so easy to get on with, it felt like your friend was helping you sort out.

I wearing lovely clothes, always feeling great in what I put on. When out shopping, Nicola is in my ear and I am no longer impulse buying then never wearing what I have bought. It’s out with the old and in with the new, so my wardrobe is no longer a daunting place for me.

The added bonus is, spending has gone down as I’m not buying something every time I enter a shop, which pleases my husband. But I still have stylish and lovely clothes. Best of all is the comments I have gotten in regards how much weight I have lost, when in reality I haven’t lost a Ib.

Nicola, I can’t thank you enough.”

Lauren, working mum of 1 from Cheshire, following a Wardrobe Consultation which was bought for her as a gift by her husband

I’ve been (shopping and) following “the rules” and found I actually enjoyed shopping for the first time in years. Thanks again for your help. You’ve given me the confidence to try styles I would never have looked at before, and they look great! I should never in future have the problem of a wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear. Thanks again, Lauren x

Jo Crosbie from Cheadle

I recently had a wardrobe consultation and it was fantastic!

I have been following them on Facebook for a while and when the opportunity came up to have a consultation I jumped at the chance. I love all the style hints and tips they put on their FB page but to meet  them face to face and to get their style advice was great.

I have recently had 2 children fairly quickly so have been wearing maternity clothes for the best part of 2 years and am now a different shape to what I was before. Like so many new mums, I felt like I’d lost my style ‘mojo’.

After an initial chat about my lifestyle, size, likes, dislikes, current shopping habits, expectations etc – we got straight down to it!

Nicola went through each piece in my wardrobe and we assessed whether it actually fitted me, how new or ‘old and worn’ it was, if I liked it or not etc. It was really interesting to realise that a lot of my clothes were quite old and that I didn’t really like some of them!!!!. This meant that I didn’t wear them but they were in my wardrobe cluttering it up. I also had quite a lot of maternity clothes in there too which I no longer needed but was still wearing!

We ended up with a pile of definite ‘no’s’, a pile of ‘try on’ and a pile of ‘definite keeps’.  I then tried on the clothes and Nicola soon began to tell me why some clothes made me feel good (and looked good) and why some didn’t. We realised that some of my clothes were a certain shape and it didn’t suit me at all. I hadn’t realised this before but once we discussed it I could easily see what they meant. By the end of the session  I didn’t even need to try some tops on because I already knew that they weren’t right for me and my wardrobe had more than halved! But, I didn’t feel I had a smaller wardrobe – just a better one. It was no longer cluttered – it was clear and organised and I could see what items went together.

In addition to all of this, both Nicola had really great tips about how to ‘finish’ an outfit and what items to put together. They also advised on underwear and what was right for me and how it can enhance an outfit.

We also discussed a few key pieces that we felt were missing from my current wardrobe and which brands would suit me (some of which I’d dismissed in the past).

After the consultation, they sent me a follow up email with everything that we had discussed on and some links to pictures of the key items that were missing and brand suggestions. It meant I didn’t have to wrack my brains to remember what they said.

They have taught me to think about outfits rather than individual pieces. Also, when I’m out shopping I now know what will suit me. I’m not saying I won’t make mistakes and pick up clothes that don’t suit me but at least now I’ll know why they don’t make me feel good when I try them on.

It’s only been a few days since the consultation but I’ve already bought some of the key pieces that were missing and  put a couple of new outfits together. I went out for dinner wearing one of the outfits they put together for me and I got some really positive comments.

I would recommend the wardrobe consultation to anyone!!!!

Georgina, had a Personal Shopping Trip at The Trafford Centre bought for her as a gift by her partner.

Shopping for clothes has never been a priority to me, and to cater for my busy lifestyle my dress style had become comfortable and practical.  Now in my late 40’s I didn’t have a clue what clothes would suit my body shape/ lifestyle and my self-esteem had suffered as a consequence.

Nicola made several trips in and out of the changing room area to bring me clothes to try on & we discussed each item.  I was surprised that some brands I’d never heard of fitted my athletic shape & looked good, despite looking terrible on the hanger!!

The experience with Nicola started off as alien to me but after lots of chatting & changing outfits, I spent lots of money on new clothes & footwear, and felt completely at ease with Nicola.  My new outfits flatter my body shape and allow me to feel younger than my years. A totally enjoyable, time well spent experience.

The whole event gave me a ‘high’ feeling, so now I understand why most ladies enjoy shopping so much!!

Becky Ghaznavi from Leeds 

I contacted Nicola after seeing an article about her services in Easy Living magazine.  I was the classic impulse buyer who purchased single items rather than thinking about creating outfits and as a result I have wasted so much money over the years. I felt that she could be the help I needed.

Approaching the milestone of forty prompted me to address what i was wearing and what it said about me. I felt as though I was at a crossroads and needed some guidance to steer me in a direction that suited my lifestyle now and just because I was a mum who ran a business from home, it didn’t mean that I should stop making an effort.

Meeting Nicola at the Trafford Centre on our shopping day, she immediately put me at ease as I was slightly nervous and wasn’t sure what to expect. We started by walking around a number of brand displays and she asked me to point out things I liked, things I wouldn’t wear and why and things I really disliked. She started to get the measure of me and after a few questions about how I needed my clothes to work for me, we started to try things on.

We identified how pieces could work together and how I could dress up a casual outfit just by adding a jacket, which would make me feel more “finished” for occasions when I needed to.

Together we created a capsule wardrobe of items that could work together and work within my budget. I also left with a list of items on a wish list so that when I needed to in future, I could supplement my outfits with things I knew would go together.

Nicola was very professional and offered an objective opinion about what suited me and what didn’t and also helped me to break out of my style rut and try different things.  I am so pleased with the results and will be using Nicola’s top tips whenever I need to buy clothes in the future.  My husband is happy because I now no longer open the wardrobe and say I have nothing to wear, which was one of the main objectives that I gave Nicola!

Emma Jordan, Derby, booked a Wardrobe Consultation

“I contacted Nicola, for a wardrobe consultation, when I was struggling to achieve the polished, effortless look I envied on others but could never seem to pull off myself. To my amazement, in less than an hour, Nicola had pinpointed where I’d been going wrong and a plan for moving forward and achieving my goal. In less than a week, and a few key purchases, guided by Nicola, I can’t believe how different I feel about my wardrobe AND myself. I blamed my figure when clothes didn’t fit properly, when I was just making the wrong choices. Now the hardest part is deciding which gorgeous outfit to choose! Thank you Nic!!”

Vicki Loftus, Wigan, was given a wardrobe consultation as a gift from her husband 

“I was so nervous before my Wardrobe Consultation with Nicola but immediately on meeting her I was put at ease, she was so friendly and really understood how I was feeling about the way I dressed.

I felt I had lost my way with my style since having my two children and none of the styles I used to wear suited my post children shape. I was just ‘making do’ with clothes that I wasn’t happy with and that didn’t really suit me. I had begun to hate going shopping for clothes because I felt that nothing I tried looked good and I really didn’t know what ‘my style’ was anymore.

Meeting Nicola was a real turning point for me. We cleared out my bulging wardrobe and I could see from the suggestions she made, why things didn’t look good and how I could work with the items that I had. For example I had always steered clear of wearing belts before now but Nicola showed me how something as simple as wearing a belt on a tunic or dress gave me a lovely waistline and made me look great.

I had a brilliant afternoon! I actually get excited about opening my wardrobe on a morning now and choosing my outfit for the day. I have since had so many compliments on the way I look (I am on ‘compliment count’ on my outifts this week  and have had five since Wednesday…..which is something that hasn’t happened for a very long time!)

 I feel that meeting Nicola has given me back my confidence, I look great and feel great! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Nicola to anyone, she is amazing!

Thanks again Nicola for all your help, I had an amazing time on Tuesday and you wouldn’t believe how great I feel, I feel like the ‘old me’ is back!”

Helen Whittle, Altrincham had a wardrobe consultation and then booked a personal shopper.

“I had realised that I needed to sort my wardrobe out for a long time. I had moved house, lost a few pounds and had had some clothes for a very long time. I also found that I was in a rut with the clothes that I did wear, so they were basically the same day to day.

I found Nicola’s details on the internet and after reading the testimonials felt that her approach would suit me.

I booked a wardrobe consultation, which was a real eye opener. Nicola immediately put me at my ease and we had an initial chat about how I felt about my wardrobe and what I wanted to achieve from her visit. It was great to concentrate on thinking about me for a few hours with someone that understood what I was wanting to achieve.

The wardrobe clear out was great. I got rid of lots of very old clothes that I no longer wore and found some items that now were fine and fitted but had been forgotten. Nicola sorted them out in my wardrobe so I could put outfits together.

I felt that finding outfits to put on in the morning was much easier and kept experimenting with putting different things together.

After the wardrobe Consultation Nicola emailed to see how I was getting on and included a few ideas for new things that may fit with my present clothes.

I tried a few ideas out in the next few weeks and bought a few things but did not feel too confident so decided to book a personal shopping session.

I loved this day and was introduced to clothes that were very different  for me but I could see straight away that they suited me. I have been delighted with the new clothes I have bought and have been able to put them together in new ways which has been great.

Nicola really listened to how I wanted to feel about my clothes and what they said about me. After the wardrobe consultation and personal shop I really feel that I have achieved what I wanted and am delighted. Wish I had done it sooner!”

Laura Simister, Cheshire had a Wardrobe Consultation and a Personal Shopping trip

“The aim of the shopping trip was for me to feel confident about the way I look again since having a baby.  Having new clothes that finally fit me has made me feel amazing and now I know where to shop and how to shop there should be no stopping me. Thanks Nicola for all of your help!! I would definitely recommend My Style Companion to all that have lost their way with style and clothes.”

Donna Oliver, Derby, had a Wardrobe Consultation and a Personal Shopper

“I just wanted to say a big thank you for my wardrobe makeover and recent shopping trip I had a great time on both occasions!

My husband bought me my wardrobe makeover as a Christmas gift. I had been looking at Nicola’s web page for several months and I thought that the wardrobe makeover was something I would like to do one day as I had recently lost some weight. I knew the clothes in my wardrobe where at least 2 sizes too big but I had convinced my self that they still looked ok and I might put the weight back so I should keep them.

The sensible voice in my head kept telling me this was the perfect opportunity to try new styles and get an opinion from someone who knew what would suit my shape and most importantly my age. I am 47 but didn’t want to dress too old or too young.

I was one of those people that bought clothes with the weekly food shop and in the January sales because it seemed like a good price or I liked the colour – I very rarely even tried them on.  More often then not they stayed in the wardrobe unworn with the price tag on because when I did eventually get round to trying them on they didn’t look right but I never knew quite why?

The day Nicola came to look at my wardrobe was a huge turning point for me! We went though my clothes trying them on while Nicola asked me what I liked about them and when/where/why I wore them.  Nicola then explained how they actually made me look and we discussed how to make the most of my best bits.

I now know that I can wear skinny jeans and look like I should be wearing them. After a successful wardrobe clear out I now needed to go shopping.
Nicola met me at the Trafford Centre in John Lewis, we had a whole changing room to ourselves and it felt very indulgent having someone run around picking clothes for me!

Nicola had already chosen several outfits that she thought would suit me before I even arrived. There was no pressure at all to buy anything and the items came in at all budgets had I wanted to purchase any of them.

I have never tried so many clothes on and felt good about how they made me look!! There where a few items that didn’t suit me but I knew why by applying the techniques that Nicola had shown me, (I think she put them in there to test my new knowledge!).

What has happened since my wardrobe makeover and shopping trip – Well I get ready for work so much quicker because I have clothes that fit me and most things mix and match. I can accept a compliment about the way I am dressed and I do get them!! I haven’t spent lots of money on clothes because I only buy items I have tried on and I ask my self which other piece of clothing is the item going to go with and when am i going to wear it.   I have noticed that people treat me differently now and I think that’s because I feel so much more confident. I walk taller and dress to make me feel good when I walk out the door.

Thank you Nicola for been so honest about the clothes I did wear and the clothes I can wear 🙂

Ann Freeman, Greater Manchester had a personal shop

“I spent a very pleasant few hours with Nicola whilst she selected items for me to try.  We had a plan of what we were seeking, and she has an excellent eye for finding the clothes that you want, even if you are not sure yourself! She takes time to get to know you as a person and your lifestyle, so that she really understands what will help you best.  There is no pressure to buy (although you probably will do, because of her excellent choices).   I would recommend her services without hesitation”.

Rebecca Dinham, Cheshire

I recently met Nicola for a wardrobe consultation, after returning to the UK this summer having worked away for the last 10 years, I decided it was time to find out why I buy clothes that the label seems to never come off?! I was excited about the appointment but also very apprehensive.

Nicola straight away put me at ease over a cup of coffee, a quick chat and then we got stuck into my wardrobe. She has a natural eye for fashion, she listens and completely takes onboard your life now. I have recently set up a new business and was confused where my wardrobe was going. I had moved on but my wardrobe hadn’t, thanks to Nicola I feel like a huge weight has been lifted, I can confidently select key items I need now and avoid making the same old classic mistakes, saving me money and more importantly looking effortlessly.

The follow up email is perfect, you truly are a legend and I cannot thank you enough and can recommend highly. I have dropped a few hints with family and friends that a shopping session would be the perfect Christmas present so fingers crossed, hope to see you again soon x

Sue Nicholson, Cumbria

I had a great day and I love all my new things and can’t wait to wear them all!

As for compliments…have already had some today,which is pretty good going as I am still feeling under the weather with a cold. I just “threw” on skinny jeans, Whistles knitted tunic, ankle boots and I was done….no faffing, stressing or getting in a stew like I would normally……it was wonderful!!

Thankyou so much Nicola. I had honestly started to think that it was me that had the problem, but you’ve proved that it was just all the bad advice that I had been given. I just wish I’d found you sooner. What a lot of time,effort and money I’d have saved not to mention the fact that I needn’t have been walking round like a safe, boring blimp!

Thanks a million,

Nellie Shepherd, Wilmslow

Thankyou SO much for being so wonderful today. I was feeling terrible this morning and you completely switched my mood round! I feel like I can cope better now and move forward with a new look and style!! Let’s shop again soon – thankyou!

Anna Lane, Australia

Wow! What a brilliant day I had with Nicola! I have previously visited free instore style advisors in shops such as Selfridges, Topshop and Debenhams, however often felt I did not get value for money, enough choice or honest advice. For a change I decided to meet Nicola and I am so glad I did! I have beautiful clothes, for both work and social occasions and it was also great value for money. I bought a lot more clothes but spent about half as much as I did shopping solely in Selfridges – amazing!!

The session was relaxed and fun. Nicola really listens to what I wanted. She also give me refreshingly honest advice on what looked good on me and suited my shape. For me honesty was incredibly important, I didn’t want to get ‘sold to’ and as Nicola is not attached to a store I felt she was purely interested in what is best for me as her customer.

I have been out today in my new clothes and got stopped in the street by a stranger complimenting me on my outfit! I feel fabulous!! Thank you Nicola. See you next time!

Andrea Mutton, Prestbury

Having had a baby at the grand old age of 40, I had lost confidence with choosing clothes to wear. I would look around the shops and come back with nothing or buy things only to take them back. Having whinged to my husband one too many times that I have nothing to wear, and that I needed professional help! he kindly bought me a wardrobe consultation for my birthday.

Nicola came around and over a cup of tea we went through my wardrobe together. She has a friendly professional approach and is really easy to talk to. I now have my mojo back! It has enabled me to wear the clothes I already have, and choose new clothes with confidence.

Her follow up email with links to items that we discussed would be a useful addition to my wardrobe was really useful and has resulted in a couple of purchases already!

I would have no hesitation in recommending her to others and hope to see her again when spring/summer comes around!

Aileen Scott, Liverpool

I first saw Nicola for a wardrobe consultation, but when we realised what I really needed was a shop as I had a lack of options, Nicola was kind enough to adapt the service for me and take me shopping at the Trafford Centre a few weeks later.

I had a brilliant morning, it felt like shopping with a friend, but even better was how many fab new outfits I came home with! Nicola has a great talent for encouraging you to challenge preconceptions about what you like and don’t like, without ever making you feel pressured.

I feel so much more confident, and can’t believe how many new options I have to wear! I’ve since been shopping on my own and have been so much more successful as I’ve taken on board everything Nicola taught me. Thank you so much Nicola, you are a star!!

Wendy Craven, Lancashire

As someone who loves to shop I felt I’d recently lost my way a little bit and although I still had some great pieces in my wardrobe I was struggling with putting outfits together for work. In my wardrobe consultation Nicola really helped me to de clutter my wardrobe and to see the times I’d got it wrong. Whilst I felt it was an indulgence to have Nicola it will save me so much money in the long run.

The best thing was that Nicola then showed me how to wear my great clothes and put together some great outfits with what I already had. Nicola then emailed me a list of things I needed to utilise my wardrobe even more. Just a few purchases and all of a sudden I could wear everything I had.

I have since had a personal shopping experience with Nicola and had a fab time and have already worn to death the things I bought.
Thanks Nicola x

Marita McDonald, Liverpool

My darling husband gave me the best birthday present this year: A wardrobe consultation and 4 hour shopping session with the lovely Nicola (My Style Companion). The wardrobe consultation was a revelation: in just a few hours I had a tidy (scaled down) and rearranged wardrobe with outfit combinations I never new could work for me! Getting ready the next day was such a pleasure knowing that I could open the cupboard doors and immediately find something that looks good on me.

Then came the personal shop: one of my best shopping trips EVER! Normally shopping stresses me out – I don’t know what to try on and when I do, I never knew what suited me. Nicola introduced me to such lovely clothing brands that I would never have tried on my own. What a pleasure to have someone whizz around a shop bringing you a selection of lovely items to try on. She helped me to buy a set of essential pieces and now my wardrobe is just the most awesome it’s ever been!

By the way, I should mention that I’m 5 months pregnant and Nicola has styled me in such a way that I’ve only had to buy two ‘maternity’ items – the rest will last me throughout my ‘stylish’ pregnancy and beyond. I can’t tell you how good it feels to wear lovely clothes that make you look good when you are growing a big belly!

Nicola is quick to identify where you’ve gone wrong with your shopping habits and clothes that you always buy (but never suit you).

And to top it all off, she’s just the most lovely lady and it’s so nice to hang out with her. I’ll be doing this again, shopping is way more fun with Nicola!

Nikkie Walker, Liverpool

I was lucky enough to be treated to this experience as a birthday present from my boyfriend and it was the most thoughtful amazing present ever.

I was soooooo nervous when the day came but Nicola put me at ease straight away. It was just like shopping with your best friend only better!!

I really didn’t know what to expect on the day but couldn’t beleive how much we acheived in the 4 hours. Nicola helped me realise that when you know what suits you you can try anything and everything, and it works!

I can’t put into words how helpful & fun the day was. I had so many compliments on my dress, shoes and jacket when I went out the other week and I felt so classy and glamorous in it….

All I can say is I would definately have another shopping trip with her later in the year for my winter wardrobe. 😉 Thank you Nicola….. xxx

Chris Baines, Knutsford

I was fortunate enough to win a 3 hour wardrobe consultation with Nicola, and having recently transitioned from corporate insurance to a freelance lifestyle, my wardrobe was in limbo.Every time I went clothes shopping I was attracted to corporate type suits, came back empty handed or with something I ended up not wearing.

Nicola went through every item, resulting in 4 black bags for the charity shop which were either “too corporate” or “dated” and her visit was followed up with an email suggesting items which would complete my wardrobe for the coming season, with internet links to the retailers. BUT, the most significant benefit was the learning! Nicola showed me how to wear my clothes differently, giving them a completely updated look. Plus, she pointed out a fitting issue with some of the clothes I was not wearing because they just didn’t feel right, and this is something I can look out for when next buying clothes.

Your best friend cannot do this for you. You need Nicola!!!

Emma Pennington, North Wales

I met Nicola for the 4 hour shopping session today & I can honestly say it was the best decision I have made in a long time….! After the birth of my 1st child a year ago I had lost a lot of my confidence & felt I had no idea any more of what on earth to wear. Shopping trips left me miserable and bewildered – there was too much choice! I had also been sticking to those ‘rules’ about what ‘worked’ for my shape, which I’m sure many of us follow, touted in many fashion mags (i.e boot cut only and NO skinny jeans).

Within minutes of meeting Nicola, I was trying on things I would have admired but have been scared of wearing, such as my new gorgeous skinny jeans!! I couldn’t believe how fantastic & slimming they were. Also not only have I got an incredible new funky wardrobe, I have a much better understanding of what works for me, and my body shape, so I can be much more savvy when shopping on my own in future.

I did worry that this may be an indulgent treat, but Nicola has surpassed my expectations. Every girl should have a Nicola in their life – book a session now – you won’t regret it!!

Andy Jackson, bought a Personal Shopping Trip for his Wife

“I bought this as a Christmas gift of Personal Shopping for my wife and she loved it. We met Nicola at the Trafford Centre, i took our baby off for the day and my wife and Nicola went shopping. At one point I phoned my wife to meet up for lunch and she said she was enjoying herself too much to meet me!!.

I think my wife has changed the way she now shops for clothes with the knowledge Nicola has given her and she still says it is one of the best presents she has ever had.”

Emma Green, had a Personal Shop bought for her by her husband

“I have already worn almost everything we purchased and have had some lovely comments! I really enjoyed the shopping day so thanks again.”

Diane Walker, Manchester

“I had a 3 hour wardrobe session and it was absolutely great. My Style Companion get to the bottom of what you want from the session firstly by having a chat and then proceeded to go through my whole wardrobe including shoes! She targets things you are not sure about, lets you try stuff on and give tips on what to wear with what, things that work for your body type and what to avoid, also looking at accessories for your clothes as well. Again, these were things I particularly wanted to focus on so she will cater to your own personal needs.

The whole session was really good, it makes me think more what I am wearing, taking into account the points & tips that Nicola gave me. It also makes me think a lot more when trying and buying! Nicola also pulls a shopping list together throughout the session & recommends certain brands to try that will suit your shape best which has proved great! I was a little apprehensive about someone going through my wardrobe but Nicola puts you at ease and its really not bad at all! I have definitely taken a lot away from it & would recommend to all. Thanks!!”

Deborah Barker, Colwyn Bay

“I thoroughly recommend the wardrobe consultation. Nicola totally sorted out my chaotic wardrobe so that I no longer feel overwhelmed when I open it! I am really enjoying my clothes now and received lots of sound advice for making my wardrobe work in the future.”

Clare Garside, Liverpool

“For my 30th birthday I wanted to look and feel good and I have never been the best at picking a wow dress! Nicola arranged to take me shopping in the Trafford centre… When I arrived I was so impressed with the dresses Nicola had picked out for me… In fact I assured her I wouldn’t fit into some of them as I’m not exactly petite but she gave me a red body con dress from ted baker ( a shop I would NEVER have gone into! ) and a style of dress I would never have picked up… It was amazing!!!

She had found my wow dress and I couldn’t believe how fantastic it looked! I now look in so many shops I wouldn’t have gone in and pick up styles I would never thought would look good on me. Nicolas advise and expertise is second to none. She is amazing at her job! Can’t praise her high enough…. Thank you for helping me feel a million dollars on my birthday! Xxx”

Louise Holmes, Huddersfield, was bought a gift certificate for personal shopping

“Nicola was amazing! I had 4 hours with My Style Companion to do some personal shopping and it was such a positive experience. I am 6ft 1in and still fighting the old mummy tummy but as if by magic Nicola made it disappear! All the clothes she had selected for me fit really well and were so flattering. The magic of the session was I still came out as me but reworked.

Everything I bought and couldn’t wait to wear immediately have received fantastic comments even from people who didn’t know about the wardrobe revamp. In fact I went into a shop wearing one of the dresses they sold there and she told me how fab it looked on me. So all in all feeling great, complimented by everyone who all seemed to think I had lost a load of weight. The biggest issue is deciding which of the mountain of outfits you want to buy…but even Nicola helped with the sifting to suit my budget. Think this should be an annual event!”

Sharyn Gale, St Helens

“My background and problem. As soon as someone mentions to me smart casual…I go pale….this is what I feel that I always struggle to achieve, business suits are easy…….but the thought of looking casual, being comfortable and still looking smart and stylish always seemed to be something I couldn’t do….. What an experience!

Firstly to finally clear out a wardrobe that was full of things that I was hanging onto ‘just in case’. Nicola helped me then see that we had a good base to work on and helped me find things in my wardrobe that I had not thought about wearing for ages, just by showing me a different ways to wear them. She showed me how I was missing simple things, like the basics that you need to build your wardrobe and outfits around.

Then the shopping trip. Wonderful. First outfit she had picked for me, I just loved and felt so good in it. I always struggled to find trousers to fit and I bought 3 pairs on our shopping trip, all the trousers were styles that I would not have thought about buying, but Nicola suggested that I try them on and they worked – this made me one very happy shopper!

Nicola helped me with accessories and the weekend after our shopping trip, we had dinner and a lunch with friends and felt very confident in my smart casual look with thanks to Nicola. I feel that I have actually invested money to stop me wasting any more money by buying with my new wardrobe in mind and to continually add to what Nicola has helped me put together.”

Diane Tams, Cheshire

I was in the fortunate position of having some wonderful friends who treated me to the shopping experience, but I decided I would also try the wardrobe declutter first (how would Nicola be able to guide me in purchases if she didn’t know what I already had!). The wardrobe declutter was an eye-opener. Nicola was able to succinctly identify why I had clothes in my wardrobe that I didn’t wear (many bought on impulse but which never felt quite right). She was also able to show me how to make more of what I did have, combining things in a different way, accessorising differently, so I felt as if I had more to wear! As a result of this “step 1” Nicola and I agreed on some key items which I would look for when shopping.

The shopping trip itself was fab – Nicola had already visited some of the stores and put clothes aside for me to try – I felt like a real VIP as we walked through the store to the collected items which I then proceeded to try on, often trying items I’d never previously have thought of (also trying some things which I may have previously chosen only to see why they didn’t work well on me!).

We went to several stores with Nicola all the time running to and from the changing room as I tried on item after item. Because Nicola is not affiliated to any of the shops I never felt under pressure to purchase anything, the experience was really to show me what I could and shouldn’t wear, what to look for and how to shop for me (but I did buy as well!!!!!). A key outcome for me was the recognition that as a very tall (6ft) and very large chested woman I was able to buy clothes in “normal” shops and wasn’t, as I had previously thought, restricted to specialist shops.

A full style experience like this may seem like a luxury (and it is! Nicola treats you like a real VIP!) but when I think of the money I’ve spent (wasted!) in the past on clothes which were never quite right I’m sure the cost will be recouped many, many times over after what I’ve learned. This is a fabulous treat or gift for any woman (I’m tempted to treat my teenage daughter in a couple of years so she can set off into adulthood without making the same mistakes so many of us have). It was an absolutely fab experience! Thank you.”

Steve Harvey, bought a Wardrobe Consultation and Personal Shop for his Wife…

“Following some internet research and an exchange of e-mails with Nicola I purchased a wardrobe consultation and shopping experience for Karen, my wife. I initially had to wrestle with the connotation that in doing  so Karen might think I was making some inference in relation to her clothes. Far from it – I wanted her to have the confidence and inclination to shop for clothes again after the birth of our second daughter.

Nicola visited Karen on her birthday and completed the wardrobe consultation which Karen felt was really helpful effectively re-energising Karen’s existing clothes. The shopping experience went down even better – with a commensurate decrease in my bank balance!!!

All in all the birthday present was a great success and Karen I know feels that she has got a lot out of it!”

Cathy Mason, Wirral

I had met Nicola a year or so earlier when she gave me some wardrobe advice, but I still didn’t feel confident putting things together when out shopping. I decided to contact her again and ask her to actually come shopping with me, as I do not have many friends that I would be confident in asking. When we met at the Trafford Centre it was like meeting up with an established friend. Nicola has a way with her that immediately relaxes you and gives you the feeling that success is on the way!

We began to look around the clothes in John Lewis and I was amazed to hear Nicola tell me that some of the items I was being drawn to on the rails, she had already picked out and put in a private changing room ready for me to try! I instantly felt more at ease and confident that Nicola knew what I was trying to achieve.

The changing room was great, and quite unlike most store changing areas with their harsh lighting and cramped space. I was able to walk around and assess how the clothes looked and behaved. If only more stores took notice of this problem, I’m sure they would sell more clothes! Nicola really understands women and what they need to feel good about themselves and incorporates this in to her services.

Nicola explained that body image, although important, should not stop us dressing impressively in clothes that suit us, that fit our shape and have the correct style and colour to enhance our individual features. How many times do we simply walk past clothes on the racks and dismiss them out of hand. Just simply do not even try them on! Anyway I came away with some exciting stuff and was not disappointed.

Nicola has a very real talent. She can do what a lot of us simply can’t. Combine the different items in her mind and come up with the look! I would recommend Nicola to anyone, she’s the Best! Look out Gok!

Emma Walker, MoneySupermarket

What can I say about Nicola….after just 4 hours with her I felt like I had a new friend for life! she made me feel at ease, proud to be who I am and feminine. Before my time with Nicola I had lost my identity, I felt uncomfortable in my clothes and envied people that I saw who looked fabulous…now I look fabulous. Nicola taught me it isnt about the latest fashion, it is about individual style. By mixing different items of clothing, accesories, high street and designer, Nicola has created me my own look that not only feels brilliant but for the first time in years I am now getting compliments about how nice i look.

Nicola’s only objective is for her client to feel right, this means that she does not put any pressure on you to buy any of the clothes you try on and in my case was discouraging me from buying things that were not right. I can now shop confidently, I love shopping again, something I haven’t enjoyed for years. I cant wait to work with Nicola again soon, my autumn and winter wardrobe is great, next is the spring and summer!

Sarah Proctor, SPMedia Relations, Cheshire

I had made my appointment with Nicola then started to wonder do I really need this, am I wasting my hard-earned cash? I have a flair for style and know really what suits me, is this just an indulgence? Well I am now so pleased that I went ahead and saw Nicola, it was worth every penny and more! We had a fabulous afternoon trawling through my wardrobes, and she was professionally and intuitively able to guide me through my many garments to weed out (loads of) stuff for charity, to sell, to adapt, mend and sort everything out. I had also earmarked a couple of ‘problem child’ items that were sat around being unworn for various reasons, which now I am happily re-acquianted with!

The process was fun, informal yet hugely helpful and practical, we chatted through colours, shapes, clothes care and maintainence, styling tips, how to dress for optimum ‘foxiness’ whilst still being appropriate for a woman in her 40’s (!) Most surprisingly Nicola advised that I did not need a huge shop now to replenish my wardrobe, as there were only a couple of small gaps such as white vest t’s and a black slim fitting jumper, if I really wanted to splash the cash, a soft leather fitted jacket was advised as a staple investment! The advice from Nicola was perfect for me, some new gems of advice, lots of reassurance and news to me that shopaholics and style do not necessarily go hand-in-hand, in fact it can be the just the opposite!

Barbara Hyde, York

It was with some degree of anxiety that I first contacted Nicola. I had a wedding looming on the horizon, hadn’t shopped for myself properly for many years, struggled with back pain, knew that I had to find an outfit that would be suitable to wear with the only shoes I am able to wear without pain right now – trainers! I have to say, I wasn’t sure that Nicola could pull the thing off and I was even less sure that I could on my own.

I am thrilled to say, that not only did Nicola listen to what was important to me healthwise, but she also worked sensitively, quickly and tirelessly. I am also pleased to say that the very first outfit she suggested I try on was the very outfit I bought. I highly recommend her service. She is fun, discrete and honest. I had a great two hours with her and came away not just with a wedding outfit but with two other pairs of trousers and tops as well. It was an extremely successful and well spent two hours – I shall certainly use her service again and probably, more importantly, she has given me hope that shopping in my situation is not that bad – there are great things out there to fit any figure and situation. Thanks so much, Nicola.”

Helen Nash, Mold, North Wales

“It took me ages to commit to a wardrobe consultation – I was concerned it might be a waste of money. I’m so glad I did it, though. I had gradually lost all sense of what suited me and had started buying clothes that were too big. Nicola showed me the mistake I’d beeen making, gave my wardrobe a new lease of life and followed the visit up with a brilliant, bespoke “style guide”. I only needed to buy a few items – navy blazer, cardis, necklaces. The consultation was a pretty intense few hours but excellent value for money. Now I can’t wait to go shopping because rather than not knowing what to buy, I am buying what suits me and what brings the other clothes in my wardrobe together.”

Marie Harrison, Rainhill, Merseyside

My personal shop was a Christmas present from my husband which at first was a bit of a surprise. I was quite apprehensive before meeting Nicola but within ten minutes of knowing her felt totally at ease. Nicola was full of ideas of styles that would suit me that I had never tried before. Also I’ve learnt how to accessorize and mix and match my clothes, so that like many of my clothes I will now wear them more than once! I would recommend a personal shop to anyone who is in a rut, or who doesn’t have much confidence like me. I look forward to being in touch with Nicola again in the near future and I am recommending her to all my friends. Thanks Nicola x.”

Helen Tickle, Skelmersdale

“What a lovely present! I have never been a girly girl who lived for shopping trips or directly followed fashions, but now i have been pointed in the right direction. Following my wardrobe consultation i now look at appropriate clothes for my shape and look at shopping in a different way. It’s so much easier now! I have purchased a couple of items to maximise my current wardrobe and there will certainly be more purchases soon!! Over time i will have personalised my look to suit me. Thank you Nicola for a superb consultation and for your continued advice.”

Rachel Stow, Managing Director, Macclesfield

“I would recommend the whole experience that Nicola provides. I am clearly a hoarder of clothes and with Nicola’s “no emotional attachment” to some outfits that I had kept for over 7 years and simply didn’t wear any longer I had a thoroughly good wardrobe detox, retaining only those items that were classy, simple and good enough to still wear.

Nicola made the shopping trip so much fun, I felt very special not having to trek around the shops looking for items for myself but being brought clothes that nicola had picked out as being the right style, shape and size for me. Most important was being put into a well fitting bra! I have gone from feeling down with my wardrobe to inspired with some many mix and match outfits. Thank you!”

Mary Fishwick, Bolton

“Shopping for clothes was a trial and something to be avoided until absolutely necessary as I found it difficult to find things that fit and suited me. I have now changed my mind after the personal shoppin day in Manchester with Nicola which was fun and enjoyable and ended with me trying different styles and finding a lot of clothes I was very happy with. The clothes I tried on made me feel great and I have received very positive comments on everything I bought that day!”

Jenny Brannigan, Cheshire

“Just wanted to say a big thank you for my Style Companion gift experience. I was a bit nervous before you came to the house to look at my wardrobe, and at first a bit offended with my husband that he thought I needed it! I realise I was stuck in a rut with my clothes and not very adventurous with new styles. I was forever going shopping and coming back empty-handed, disillusioned with the whole experience, so your expertise and help were just what I needed.

It was reassuring to know that I didn’t have to ditch my whole wardrobe, and that I just needed to use some things differently, or add accessories to make them more interesting. I enjoyed the home wardrobe consultation very much, and would definitely recommend it, as having someone give an honest, experienced opinion of your wardrobe, rather than a friend or partner, is very helpful.

The shopping trip was really great, as you picked up styles that I would never have thought of trying. I wore one of our purchases the other night to dinner and got so many compliments. I would definitely recommend the whole experience, and will be signing up for help later in the year. Well worth it. Thank you so much, again.”

Pauline Major, Tytherington, Cheshire

“I really enjoyed our 2 hour wardrobe consultation and the time seemed to fly by. Your friendly attitude certainly put me at my ease as we went through my ‘clothes collection’. You have helped me to focus on the style and fit that suits me giving valuable constructive comments that maybe a friend would not. I appreciate the guide you sent as it is hard to take in and remember all the advice given during the session and it will be great to have it to refer to for future shopping trips.”

Frances Wyly, Mother of Two, Tytherington, Cheshire

(Following a Wardrobe Consultation and Personal Shop) “I am beginning to enjoy shopping again which is probably not good news for Patrick! I have managed quite a few purchases since our shopping trip including a few dresses, some skinny jeans but with boots and long top and neck lace. I have also bought some ridiculous high platform heels which I may need to practice walking in before I step out the door. I also had my hair cut into a short bob and re-coloured a darker shade so a bit more transformation going on there too.

I am really enjoying feeling confident enough to give new things a go and feel so much slimmer and younger with the new things I have bought. ( I have worn everything!) And I’m also receiving lots of nice comments from friends and family too.”

Claire Riley, Tinies North West, Macclesfield

“I was very lucky to be bought an afternoon of wardrobe consultancy for my birthday. I was a little apprehensive as I honestly thought I had no clothes to be consulted upon! Well Nicola was fantastic; she literally turned what I saw a boring Mumsy wardrobe into an amazing array of stylish outfits. I was amazed at her immediate insight into what suited me and made me feel good. I would highly recommend this style consultation to anyone, it has truly changed the way I dress, the way I shop and is absolute value for money guaranteed to stop those impulse buys and things hanging in your wardrobe unworn. It was fabulous!”

Sue Weighell, Cheshire

“A wardrobe full of clothes with “nothing to wear”? Some clothes make you look fat and some don’t? That was me. The session with Nicola was great for helping with these problems. I was going to send a couple of jackets to the charity shop but Nicola showed me how to wear them and great, no need to buy all new. I had a few things missing from my wardrobe, so I have now bought those, thanks to Nicola’s advice. It was an excellent session. My only complaint – Nicola can’t pop around every morning to tell me what to wear!

Sue Price, North Wales

“I found Nicola thro’ a networking organisation that I belong to…I had realised for some time that I really, really didn’t have anything to wear and tended to wear the same couple of pairs of trousers or the same skirt with a couple of tops. So I thought that a shopping trip with Nicola would be just perfect. When I spoke to her much to my dismay she suggested a visit to my home to help sort out my wardrobe, what wardrobe I thought, there’s nothing in it!!

Well, she arrived and much to my amazement I felt really nervous but she soon put me at ease and listened to my problems of no self-confidence because of nothing to wear! She soon realised that my clothes were in lots of different locations so we found one location that was big enough and transferred them all over. What a difference it made to be able to see everything and have things to choose from. I then started trying everything on and, with Nicola advising me, found I had lots of different outfits. The time just flew by and before we knew it hours had flown by.

In a short space of time Nicola had taught me how to enhance an outfit with accessories and what suits me (how do you get to my age and not know what suits you??). I now have lots of things to wear and my husband is so pleased that I don’t have to go out and buy lots of new clothes, little does he know…Nicola also sent me lots of photos of me in my outfits and lots of really useful information about what sort of things I should buy…all this for the price on one new dress!”

Bea Heyes, Natural Practices, Wilmslow… 

“I booked a Wardrobe Consultation with Nicola as I had wardrobes full  of clothes and didn’t feel well dressed in any of them.  Nicola discussed why things suited me and others didn’t.  I felt confident enough to clear out things that I had been hoarding for years!  The items that were left were then teamed up and accessorised to create lots of outfits.

Although I had a four hour session, the time just flew by and I was reluctant to part with her!  I now have a much better idea of what items to put together and, more importantly, will not waste money on ‘Sale’ clothes that demanded to be bought as they were such a bargain.”

Caroline Brown, Macclesfield, Cheshire

“I first met Nicola a year ago when she came to talk to our local Business Women’s networking group and was impressed with her presentation. I signed up to be kept informed of her style events and receive updates from her on a regular basis. I had been aware for some time that my wardrobe had big gaps in the smart casual section as a result of having worn a uniform for most of my working life, and with a change of career I wanted advice on how to add to my wardrobe to create a smarter everyday look.

I was keen to attend one of Nicola’s Style Sessions but for various reasons I have never been free on the right dates so eventually I bit the bullet and booked a wardrobe consultation and personal shop. The wardrobe consultation was fascinating! Nicola showed me how to combine what I already have to give a variety of styles I had never considered before and has given a new lease of life to several garments that have had very little use up to now. It also gave Nicola a good idea of my likes and dislikes.

When I turned up for the personal shop Nicola had already picked out and set aside a wide selection of tops, skirts, trousers and jackets for me to try. With her help I mixed and matched and had a thoroughly enjoyable time trying on styles and combinations I would never have thought of trying myself. There was no obligation to buy anything but I did go home with a few new items.

The prospect of shopping for clothes has always filled me with dread as there is so much out there to trawl through and I have never known where to start but now I have a personalised guide to help me. Nicola wrote a style guide for me after our sessions together, which includes photos she took during the wardrobe consultation and during our shopping trip. It advises on everything from styles and shapes of clothing to footwear and accessories and, most importantly, how to look after it all!

I had a 3-day conference at the end of the week of my personal shopping trip – an excellent opportunity to wear the new clothes I had bought. I had lots of admiring comments from colleagues who have known me quite a while. Family and friends are similarly complimentary but my husband’s reaction has been the best. ‘Wow,’ he said, ‘it’s coming up to the Christmas season and I’ll have lots of opportunities to show you off – how lucky am I?’ Now that’s what I call money well spent! Thank you, Nicola – I’d recommend your services to anyone.”

Merryn Myatt, Managing Partner at Perris-Myatt, Nantwich, Cheshire

(Following a Wardrobe Consultation) “Every woman should have a Nicola in their lives! I never knew having so much fun with her could have such spectacular results! In one single morning, she has pulled my whole wardrobe ‘together’ and given me bags of confidence. Suddenly, I enjoy clothes again!”

Jennifer Langley, Region Secretary for the Federation of Small Businesses and Owner of Smart Choice Research Consultancy.

(Following a Wardrobe Consultation) “I read about Nicola in a magazine. I lead a very hectic business life and as a much older woman, I felt I was losing confidence in what to and how to wear clothes, as I want to look youthful but it is difficult to judge what to buy and wear as all the magazines are full of terribly young skinny women.

Nicola was great, she looked through my wardrobe and came up with combinations I never would have thought of doing, and she minimised my problem bits and really maximised on my good things like my legs. I was surprised by how few clothes we discarded in the end! I only needed to buy a white shirt and some boot cut jeans as a starter. Even in the last week since I started following her advice, I have received some really good compliments on my appearance and I had only told my sister in Canada about seeing Nicola.

Nicola is relaxed and not at all judgemental and she gives you so much confidence in yourself. The style guide she sent me will be my bible from now on!”

Kirstie McAvoy, Mother of two, Manchester

“For my 32nd birthday, my husband bought me a four hour Wardrobe Consultation with Nicola, what a perfect present for any lady…I had many items in my wardrobe (often still with the tags on!) that I loved, but didn’t have the confidence to wear or know how to layer them to make them work for my own style, body shape and lifestyle.

I was quite nervous on the day-not knowing what to expect, but Nic soon made me feel relaxed with her down to earth, yet professional approach.  I had a brilliant day,de-cluttering and re-organising my wardrobe, learning about styles that suit my body shape and fantastic tips on accessorising and caring for my clothes.  Nic made me feel confident in myself again, after having two children I was just focusing on the area of my body I was most self conscious of, Nic soon made me realise that I’ve got to make the most of the good parts!

After my day with Nicola, I received an extremely detailed Personal Style Guide, where Nic had picked out key items I could add into my wardrobe; my wish list items!  A Body shape analysis-showing what shapes and styles suit me best.  Nic had also created my Capsule Wardrobe, referencing my own clothes in addition to new pieces and showing ideas of many different looks, I found this invaluable!

I would highly recommend Nicola to all, I have learnt so much and I feel so much happier and confident when choosing what to wear. I have also managed to resist buying clothes just because I think they are a bargain because I know I will never wear them!  My husband has also found the Style Guide very useful, as it explains what accessories and items suit me best, a helping hand for him with birthday/Christmas present ideas for the future!  Thank you for everything Nicola x”

Tracey Minogue, Self-employed, Runcorn…

“After spending my youth as a grungy rock chick I was more than a bit lost when it came to presenting myself both professionally and casually. I felt I had lost my identity in terms of style and got to the point where I was chucking clothes in my trolley in the supermarket because I needed something for the next day and I was (un)happy to make do with what was in front of me. I hated clothes shopping and avoided it at all costs. I did not know what suited me and the areas of my figure that I did not like dominated how I shopped. My friend recommended that I try Nicola, who she had seen presenting at an event.

Best decision ever! I booked a wardrobe management session with Nicola and then a shopping trip. The wardrobe session was loads of fun and I learnt so much. As she gave me lots of information, there was a lot to remember, but Nicola followed this up with a comprehensive, fully personalised style guide for me so I didn’t forget anything. She used my own clothes and showed me how much extra mileage I could get out of the clothes I already had and how these could camouflage the bits I was self conscious of and enhance the bits I am happy with. In the before and after photos in the style guide I looked like I had lost weight because of the way she used the shapes and accessories.

The personal shopping trip was really fun, but again, very educational. Nicola had picked out some key pieces for me beforehand, which made great use of the time we had. I really enjoyed the shopping in a way I never had before and started to look at clothes and accessories I would never have considered. Having a set of guidelines to help me on what works best for my body shape really gave me confidence and allowed me to focus rather than feeling overwhelmed by choice, which is what used to intimidate me. I have recommended Nicola already to friends and am looking forward to another session in the autumn as I build my wardrobe. I now have some lovely pieces in my wardrobe and have had many compliments from people. Now I know what to do, it is so easy to look (and feel) great! Thanks for everything!”
Caroline Slack, Trainer, AstraZeneca, Macclesfield

“I decided to book a 121 wardrobe session with Nicola after seeing her at a style event at work – I have never considered myself ‘fashionable’ and I was reaching the big 3-0 and wanted to hit the 30’s stylishly. Nicola came to my house and we spent some time discussing what I wanted to get out of the session, my style, budget and preferred stores.  The session was really informative and I learnt loads about how to organise my wardrobe, caring for my clothes and how to accessorise and work with the clothes I already have. (someone at work even said that they thought I was wearing new outfits every day – when infact I hadn’t bought anything new, I was just wearing the clothes I already had!)

After the session Nicola put together a full style report for me, including her suggestions for my capsule wardrobe moving forward.  Now I know exactly what to buy and importantly, what suits my body shape.  I am finding that when I go shopping I am really choosy with what I buy to make sure I am buying the right clothes for me – which is saving me money and giving me a stronger style identity!”
Sarah Perris, Managing Partner at Perris-Myatt, Nantwich…

“Nicola is an absolute pleasure to work with. She is very professional, while personable and really knows how to help people to improve their appearance and really make the best of their attributes as well as their wardrobes! I would not hesitate in recommending Nicola – the very best I have come across!”

Kerry Barwell, Cheadle, Cheshire…

“Nic was a total pro and quickly had me realising I’d made some howling mistakes! When we’d done a de-clutter of my wardrobe she quickly realised that there was little that she could show me in it that would flatter me and we went on an impromptu personal shopping trip. I got the first really good bra I’ve ever had under her expert eye, and some stunning purchases which are the start of a whole new way of clothing myself. I can’t thank her enough.

I’ve been shopping since and have only made carefully thought out buys that compliment and bring out the best of my curves! I’ve even looked at brands that I never thought I’d look at thanks to the post-consultation style guide – thanks SO much.”

Holly Moore, Events Organiser, Macclesfield…

“I saw Nicola speak at a Ladies Networking Lunch.  I have to admit I was thinking that it was going to be a bit cheesy and that she would tell me I should wear “autumn” colours and colour coordinate everything! Already being pretty fashion conscious I didn’t think I’d learn anything from it.  I was so wrong… Nicola spoke about a capsule wardrobe and how to spend your money on good style staples and then accessorise to achieve an up to date and fashionable look.  I had done a car boot sale a few weeks before and remember looking at the clothes rail and thinking I had wasted thousands of pounds on these clothes that I only managed to sell on for £80!!!  When I looked at all the clothes I realised that I had never really thought about what I needed I just bought in a rush if I had a night out or special occasion.

Nicola’s 30 minute talk really changed the way I shopped. I saved and went and bought some good quality items, I really thought about what I needed in my wardrobe – decent bag, proper UGGS, boots etc….. since then I have hardly spent anything but have more outfits than ever before, as I now know how to mix and match with the right accessories.  I can’t recommend her services enough.”

Nicola Broadbent, Astra Zeneca about a 20 minute speed style…

“After only having an initial 20-minute style consultation with Nicola I’ve learned so much.  Nicola makes fashion seem so easy and with a few little tricks you can transform an outfit to suit you as an individual.  Nicola has made me realise style and fashion are about the individual, not about wearing the same as your mates or the season’s hottest trend just because you feel you should.

With being a typical hourglass figure and having issues with trousers too long, the waist being too big, and generally not sure of which style to wear to flatter my figure it was nice to talk to Nicola and realise that there are plenty of other women with the same issues and that it’s not difficult to sort these things out quickly and cheaply.

I have my consultation form taped to the inside of my wardrobe now!”

Lesley Wood, Lesley Wood Photography, Cheshire…

“In my profession as a lifestyle, wedding and commercial photographer I deal with lots of different people. These people are dressed stylishly and look their best for their photographic experiences so it is only right that I should dress appropriately. I approached Nicola to advise me on dress style and how to dress properly to achieve the right look for my body shape. Her ‘challenge’ was to “make me more ‘trendy’, get me out of the old faithful jeans, whilst dressing me appropriately for my job” (a photographer often has to kneel/crouch/bend to capture the best images!)

Nicola booked me in for a personal shopping experience and we met at Manchester’s Trafford Centre.  The day started with an informal chat about my wardrobe and where I usually shop and what I usually buy. We discussed body shape and she told me that I was a ‘pear shape’  and what type of clothes pear shapes should avoid and which types of clothes suit and show off pear shapes to their best.

The first stop was for a professional bra fitting – I thought I was one of the 10% of British women who were wearing the correct size – but no ….  I was amongst the 90% who was way out with their sizing. I was amazed at how wrong I was and even more amazed at how much better wearing the correct bra size made my clothes and image look – my boobs look better than ever!   Nicola selected clothes for me to try on and showed me how to wear them properly. For someone who usually hates clothes shopping – especially trying clothes on – I felt relaxed and comfortable throughout the whole day and really enjoyed the whole experience.

Nicola introduced me to shops that I would never have previously shopped in and she knew exactly which shops would have the best clothes to suit my body shape. I now know exactly what to wear, where to find it and how to wear it well!  I don’t just look and feel good, my confidence has certainly had a boost. There was no pressure to buy anything during the personal shop, but the clothes looked and felt so good that I did embark on some retail therapy!

Since sporting my new image I have had so many positive comments it’s been fantastic. My husband absolutely loves the new me!  Going out with Nicola was like having a day out shopping with an old friend – relaxing and lots of fun. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone – prepare to be amazed at the difference she will make to your style, image, confidence …… and happiness!”

Diane Pilling, Affordable Accounts, Bolton…

“Wow. Fantastic! I had a great time with the wardrobe consultation. Since you left I have felt totally inspired and I have sorted all my t-shirts, underwear and every other drawer or cubby that has clothes of mine in! I am loving the change and looking forward to more! I am even going to help my daughter do her wardrobe at the weekend.

Can’t wait for our shopping trip! I am actually excited about going shopping, which I can’t believe: I usually dread it.  My husband is so impressed since I’ve re-discovered “my style”. He has been observing my outfits, and has noticed such a difference plus he is SO impressed with all my tidy, organised closets! The girls at work have also noticed a positive change and want to know everything you’ve taught me!”

Susan Roberts, Warrington…

“I was completely surprised and really pleased, as the clothes she picked out were not clothes I would normally pick up myself, but I loved them! Nicola showed me how I should wear the clothes to suit me and also taught me how to accessorise.

I have 2 kids so I needed to be comfortable as I spend most my day running round after them. The clothes I bought were fantastic – comfortable yet stylish! I have honestly learnt so much!  The main thing was that Nicola showed me how important it is to have some good basics as you can mix and match and achieve so many different looks.

I need to say a big THANK YOU to Nicola as if I had done it on my own I would not have got the clothes I did.  I can honestly say every woman should have Nicola join them while shopping as I have changed the clothes I wear now, I don’t just feel like a mum now, I feel so much more confident and feel so good within myself.  My husband loves the clothes I wear now so overall it was a very positive day and I can confidently say I will definitely be calling on Nicola again.”