Wardrobe Consultation


Price:  £245 / Up to 4 Hours

Detox.  Get Organised.  Create a Beautiful Capsule Wardrobe.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you enjoyed ‘shopping’ from your wardrobe every morning when it came to deciding what to wear?!

A Wardrobe Consultation from The Best Self Project will:-

  • Breathe new life in to existing wardrobes!
  • Save time getting dressed every morning.
  • Make your existing wardrobe more appealing so you’ll WANT to wear everything!
  • Have a clear plan for creating your wardrobe for the season ahead
  • Find new inspiration with your style
  • Save you money on expensive mistakes and wardrobe duplications that you don’t need.

A wardrobe consultation with The Confident Mum Project isn’t about throwing clothes away!  A wardrobe consultation is about working out to best utilise what you already have and coming up with a plan to create MORE outfits you LOVE to wear!

What will happen during my Wardrobe Consultation?

First you will be sent a client questionnaire or have a chat on a discovery call with our Stylist, Nicola.

Once we have a clear idea of where you are now with your wardrobe, and more importantly where you want to go; we’ll organise a date and time to conduct your wardrobe consultation at your home. PLEASE DON’T THROW ANYTHING AWAY BEFORE HAND! Lots of ladies make this mistake before Nicola arrives and regret it later.

It’s way more helpful to the Stylist if you leave your wardrobe EXACTLY how it is today – you will get way more out of the session this way as your Stylist will be able to learn about you more quickly and provide more accurate, impactful advice.

On the Day

On the day, your stylist will guide you through your wardrobe looking at individual pieces and determining what makes you feel amazing, and which pieces aren’t living up to your expectations.  Sometimes, the pieces you were sure were heading for the charity shop are the pieces that surprise you!

We’ll put together as many outfits as we can, that hit your #StyleGoals and construct a shopping list of items that you need moving forward to create even more looks that you feel amazing about.

You’ll learn how to organise and utilise your wardrobe in a more efficient and effective way so that you:

  • Understand how to dress items up and down / make them smarter or more casual
  • Have greater knowledge about what does and does not suit you – both shapes, style, details and colours!
  • Learn about layering and accessorising in ways that truly work for YOU!  Your personality, your lifestyle and the things you do.  For example, yes, we all look great in heels, but sometimes they just aren’t practical.  We’ll help you to feel just as good in flats if you don’t already!
  • Understand the reasons behind your shopping behaviour and habits when it comes to your wardrobe (everybody has habits!) and how to break free from those that aren’t helping you to reach your goals
  • Boost your fashsionista credentials with insider tips and tricks that will turn you in to a shopping pro!

Wardrobe Consultations are currently available in:-

Manchester, Cheshire, Liverpool, Chester, Warrington, Wirral, Merseyside, Lancashire, North Wales, Stafforshire, Derbyshire but email nicola@my-best-self-project.com  as I can sometimes accommodate you if your’re further afield.

To Book

To book please email nicola@my-best-self-project.com, go to our Contact Us page or you can send a WhatsApp on 07787 821124. Please make sure you leave your Name and Location.

Please be aware there may be up to a 4 week wait for an appointment. Appointments only available Monday – Friday between 9-5pm.

I can’t recommend Nicola enough… I wish I’d found her earlier!

I’ve wasted so much money buying too much of the same thing, that doesn’t really suit me. I had become boring and wearing a ‘uniform’ rather than having a range of options that show off my style.

Nic ‘got me’, my wardrobe dilemma, and style SO quickly.

Nicola Stout, HR Consultant, Poynton, following a Wardrobe Consultation