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I'm a Personal Stylist on a mission to bring back a bit of practical, effortless glamour to your day. Fed up in the black stretchy pants? I got you girl.

Rolling UP my sleeves

I'm here to help women rediscover and redefine their wardrobe after a period of feeling a bit lost and unenthusiastic about what they wear day to day.

• You wear the same things week in, week out.
• You wear 20% of your wardrobe 80% of the time
• You've been through a major change (physically, emotionally, mentally or in terms of lifestyle) and your wardrobe hasn't caught up yet
• You feel lost or underwhelmed when you go shopping
• You describe your clothes as 'ok' rather than fabulous!

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What's My Secret Sauce?
I see the WHOLE you.

  • I've been featured as a Style Expert in the Daily Mail, Red Magazine, Easy Living, Cheshire Life and been a Guest Speaker at numerous women's events.
  • I have an ability to see the whole picture easily and identify what's missing quickly. I see beyond the clothes to what you need as a woman.
  • I've worked with hundreds of women who need and want to CHANGE but are stuck in bad habits, with strategies that DON'T WORK!
  • I'm practical.  I dream big but my feet are firmly on the ground.  
  • I'm a Mum, I've gained and lost weight, dealt with losing myself and can RELATE to where you are right now.
  • My personal passions are self-development, health and psychology, and I happen to be a Qualified Life Coach and Personal Trainer.  These ALL help in getting you to where you need to be, and see long lasting results.

You ready to work with me?

real results

"I was struggling to achieve the polished, effortless look I envied on others but could never seem to pull off myself."

"In less than a week, and a few key purchases, guided by Nicola, I can't believe how different I feel about my wardrobe AND myself. I blamed my figure when clothes didn't fit properly, when I was just making the wrong choices. Now the hardest part is deciding which gorgeous outfit to choose!"   Thank you Nic!!"

- Emma Jordan


“At last, I'm starting to feel TRUE to myself - the word you asked me to choose for me”

"I can't believe in such a short time how you helped me to make so many positive changes.  My mindset has shifted and my life has become mine to do with what I want, not what everyone else wants.
To bring out the best in people and help them live their best life is a skill."

- Karen


“I actually noticed Nicola's wardrobe skills on Facebook when a friend posted pics of herself”

"I couldn't work out what had changed but I noticed that this already beautiful and stylish friend looked even better.  I asked her and she recommended Nicola, I HAD to have this kind of help...
I loved every single minute of Nic's visit.  It has made a huge difference to how I feel about myself."

- Emma Caulfield


“I can't recommend
Nicola enough...
I wish I'd found her earlier!”

"I've wasted so much money buying too much of the same thing, that doesn't really suit me.  I had become boring and wearing a 'uniform' rather than having a range of options that show off my style."

- Jennifer Bracken


“I was out of control and had no confidence.  I felt low.  I had no routine when it came to my body or health”

"I started personal training with Nic and meeting her and just loving her energy.  She just felt good to be around.  She wasn't pushy, but made me believe in myself instantly.  I was excited to start something new but nervous it would feel hard and that I wouldn't enjoy it.  Nic's whole ethos is about JOY and feeling GOOD.  I've lost 10lb in 6 weeks and everyone in my life has noticed the changed in me - inside and out.  I feel great!!!!"

- Joanne, Widnes


“I kept looking at my 'over stuffed' wardrobes wondering what clothes to throw out”

"would I slim into them?  Would they come in handy one day?  To be honest the task was daunting, I just hung on to my clothes but wore the same thing day in and out.
Then along came Nicola... Best of all is the comments I have gotten in regards how much weight I have lost, when in reality - I haven't lost a lb!"

- Hailey, Manchester


“I would highly recommend Nicola and would say...
Just do it...

- Nic, Cheshire



Start by sending me an email and outlining what your current challenges are - there's no such thing as too much info!

I'll then assess your situation, the problems and challenges you are experiencing, and then we'll arrange a call or if I think I'm the right person for you, I'll offer you some appointments and options to review.

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Your Best Self Project

A combination of practical strategies and coaching and strategies to visible results.

My Manifesto:

“You'll never feel unhappy when you're working on the best version of yourself.”

- nicola fulsTow


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of women think about their size and shape daily (out of 5000)

of clients I have worked with are wearing the wrong bra size




I can't wait to help you level up.
Send over your info and we'll connect on the best way to move forward. 



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